JF&CS of Atlanta to Collaborate with AJFCA on PEPS Software


“This is a very exciting development and a great opportunity as a valued-added benefit for membership within the AJFCA,” said Gary Miller, CEO of JF&CS Atlanta. “We set out in our strategic planning process a goal of reviewing our services and focusing on earned income initiatives. We take our innovation seriously. At the same time we are developing something useful to the network, we are able to benefit from this relationship with AJFCA.”

JF&CS currently is exploring other distribution channels as well to provide the tool to a wider audience, he added. “This really is about entrepreneurial innovation.”

In February, JF&CS completed a year-long Scope of Services evaluation of its programs to ensure that, going forward, we would focus on the right mix of services for our clients and the community. The PEPS software proved critical in determining the programs and services that had the most impact and were the most effective and efficient.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer this tool that transformed our own agency to friends and colleagues across the country,” said Rick Aranson, Chief Operating Officer of JF&CS Atlanta. “There is a clear need for this type of tool in nonprofit agencies across the country, and we look forward to sharing our best practice approach to program planning and evaluation with organizations in the AJFCA network.

“We developed this proprietary tool for internal use initially, because nothing like it existed in the market,” he said. “It addresses all critical components of nonprofit program planning.”

Lee Sherman, President & CEO of AJFCA, believes PEPS is an outstanding strategic tool. “We are pleased to be able to bring this valuable resource to our network of agencies across the U.S. and Canada, so they can better manage their programs and services in this increasingly complex world.” Approximately 125 Jewish family service agencies of various sizes belong to AJFCA, which is based in Baltimore.

In addition to program analysis of both new and existing programs, PEPS offers a wide range of analytic tools and benefits, including strategic planning, reporting, tracking, benchmarking, program scorecards, and outcomes tracking. It promotes diversification of funding sources, increases accountability of program staff and identifies earned income potential among the many other benefits.

For more information about PEPs, please contact Rick Aranson at 770.677.9307 or visit http://www.pepssoftware.com.