The Path Forward

As I assume the CEO position, I would like to take this opportunity to ask all of you to join me in looking forward. While the way in which we work must adapt to changing needs and trends, fundamentally the mission of providing health, career and human services is what we will continue to do. Our vision of providing premier, professionally delivered services in these areas will certainly remain constant as we focus on the outcomes of maximizing health and self-sufficiency for the members of our community. As I have mentioned before, we engage in extremely difficult and meaningful work, and our staff make miracles every day. 

Reviewing the landscape of where we can best serve the needs of our community, I see seven priorities that I believe critical to our future success. These priorities will be further refined as we embark on a strategic planning process and as we collect input from our many stakeholders:

  1. We must nurture our deep roots in the Jewish Community, while simultaneously embracing intentional, targeted efforts in the broader community where JF&CS can make a unique impact.
  2. We must enhance existing collaborations while forging new partnerships to assure that we maximize all of our precious resources and achieve greater collective impact community-wide.
  3. It is critical that we develop opportunities that engage and enrich the experience for current and future stakeholders in order to strengthen our resources and relevance.
  4. The creation of a comprehensive resource development plan is also vital, and we must build on strategies to diversify our base of support, including development of revenue-generating programs to assure our sustainability.
  5. We must discipline ourselves to regularly reevaluate our Scope of Services, investing our time, talent and resources in the areas where we can make our deepest impact.
  6. We will celebrate the completion of our Dunwoody campus, assuring that our physical structure best serves our clients and mirrors the excellence of our staff.
  7. My final priority, and perhaps the most important, is to be guided at every step by listening…truly listening to our internal voices as well as those throughout community to determine the path forward.

Overall, my commitment to each of you is that Jewish Family & Career Services will continue to build on our legacy of strengthening our community by assuring that no one is in need, alone or without hope. 

I recognize the awesome responsibility that my new role entails and am deeply grateful to Gary, to the staff and Board, and to you for the opportunity to serve our community.  With your help, I will assure that JF&CS goes from strength to strength, continuing to be the safety net for the needy and the preferred resource for all in need. I welcome your input, your participation, and your support as we go forward together.

Rick Aranson, Chief Executive Officer