BMDC Dentist Honors Mentor and Boosts Funding for Lab Fees

“I thought, that’s terrible. Why so long?” said Dr. Hochberg, whose midtown Atlanta practice includes restorative, implant and cosmetic dentistry. “There certainly are a lot of dentists at the clinic who could provide this service.”

The problem was not the lack of dentists. It was the shortage of funds to pay the fees at the lab that makes the dentures. The solution was simple: build up the funds to pay the lab fees.
Well, maybe not so simple. But Dr. Hochberg had an idea.

“Once I realized the time lag to have dentures made was due to lack of funds, it was clear.” Thus was born the Dr. Price Lineberger Laboratory Fund, in memory of a mentor with whom Dr. Hochberg had practiced from 1980-1992.

Dr. Lineberger died about 18 months ago at the age of 91.

TFG: Setting up a fund in memory of a friend or family member is a great way to memorialize or honor someone. How did the idea come about?
DH: I want to give credit to Dr. Lineberger, whose estate provided the funds. As I was given discretion over how certain funds would be utilized, I simply directed them to BMDC.

This lab fund will help, but it will go only so far for so long. I hope other dentists who work in the clinic will consider directing part of their donations to helping people who need dentures.

DH: Dr. Lineberger was such a kind man. I thought about what he would have done and the types of charities he would have donated to. He would have wanted to help people in need.

TFG: What made you start volunteering at Ben Massell?
DH:  I first became aware of the clinic when I was attending Emory University’s School of Dentistry in 1978.

Dr. Michael Chalef and Dr. Richard Sugarman, both long-time volunteers, influenced the decision. Both are my colleagues and friends, and are wonderful examples of what the BMDC dentist is all about.

TFG: What do you get out of volunteering at BMDC?
DH: An incredible amount of satisfaction for simply putting a smile on the face of the patient. The appreciation of what BMDC has helped to create by improving the patient’s daily quality of life is what makes me look forward to each time I’m in the clinic. I never knew how happy it would make me. I also love being involved with the students and residents there.

Volunteering at the clinic was an eye opener for me. Things are so different in my office at 14th and Peachtree. We all are healthy and fortunate, but only a mile away, there are people who have severely compromised oral health and have to wait a long time for certain procedures.

TFG: Why should local dentists volunteer at BMDC?
DH: Because the oral need is incredible — more than you could possibly imagine.

TFG: How do you feel at the end of the day when you volunteer at BMDC?
DH: It’s my best day of the work week!

To donate to the Dr. Price Lineberger Laboratory Fund, visit To set up a similar kind of fund in memory or honor of someone, please contact Miriam Friedman, Chief Development Officer, at or 770.677.9357.