2012 Caregiver Retreat with expert, Teepa Snow

2012 Caregiver Retreat with expert, Teepa Snow

On Fri., Nov. 16, JF&CS' Aviv Older Adult Services - Tools for Aging division hosted a Caregiver Retreat at Trinity Presbyterian Church for 58 family caregivers. Teepa Snow, Alzheimer’s and Dementia expert and advisor to Arbor Company Communities, engaged the group in a way that was educational and helpful for anyone going through the struggle of caring for an older adult.


By teaching skills for communicating with individuals who suffer from various forms of memory loss, she was able to help participants understand how to accept and best manage the difficult situations they cannot control. After the retreat each caregiver was sent home with fully stocked food bags, donated by the JF&CS Board of Directors and staff, and Atlanta-area partner synagogues. They were also given the opportunity to get monetary reimbursement for respite or transportation on the day of the event. Click here to see pictures

Caregiver Support Services is just one of the myriad of programs and services that we offer to older adults in the Atlanta area. From counseling and cognitive testing to in-home care, Tools for Aging gives seniors, their families and their caregivers a variety of options at a range of levels. The array of programs and services we offer include Legacy Home Care, Geriatric Care Management, neuropsychological evaluations, Caregiver Support Services, NORC (Naturally Occurring Retirement Community), Counseling Services, Holocaust Survivors Program, Alterman/JETS Transportation for JF&CS clients and Information & Referral Services.

Caregiver Support Services, a program of JF&CS’ Aviv Older Adult Services – Tools for Aging division, is able to offer support to those who are caregivers, or need caregiver services for loved ones. If you or someone you know may benefit from these services, please have them email aging@jfcs-atlanta.org or call 770.677.9411.

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