Volunteer Spotlight: Bradley Erbesfield

Volunteer Spotlight: Bradley Erbesfield

One year ago, Bradley Erbesfield began volunteering with Career Services – Tools for Employment. He liked volunteering so much that he decided to help out five days a week. Hearing the client success stories gave Bradley the extra motivation.

“It is nice to know that my efforts are helping people,” Bradley said.

Bradley is a client of Tools for Employment's Job Placement program. As JF&CS is helping him find a job, he wanted to give back by helping JF&CS find jobs for those in similar situations. Bradley's response: “It is hard work, but it is satisfying.”

As a volunteer, he performs tasks that help both the clients and JF&CS. He does sourcing, which involves matching the client's information with a job at a company or an organization. He also has been updating paper files to the computer and posting jobs on the database system. One task that he really enjoys is dealing directly with the clients.

“My favorite thing is working with people that need our services,” he said. “I now have a better sense of myself and it has helped me grow in a positive way.”

One memory that Bradley will never forget happened on Friday, July 20, 2012, when a client received a job offer. That offer turned into his first job placement. He had been working with the client for a month when she went in for her first interview, and got the job. “I'm very happy for her,” he said with a huge smile.

Linda Schneider, Job Development Manager, has enjoyed working with Bradley. He has been volunteering with her and the Job Development team, Wendy Siegel, Robyn Cohen and Alice Herndon. Together they have celebrated many successes.

“He joined us as a volunteer, but contributes as a full-time employee,” Linda said.

Wendy added, “He will help with anything we ask.”

Through volunteering, Bradley has gained so much valuable experience that he will carry with him for the rest of his life. Not only has he learned ways to help people improve their lives in these tough economic times, but he has learned how to be a valued team member.

After a year of hard work and dedicated volunteering with JF&CS, Bradley received an offer from Hillel at The University of California- Irvine, as their new Director. He will be leaving Atlanta to begin his new adventure in mid-September. Without a doubt he will be missed by all, but his support system in the JF&CS family could not be happier for him.

“I've enjoyed it so much,” Bradley said with a grin.

For more information on volunteering with the Career Services - Tools for Employment division, please contact 770.677.9448 or email volunteer@jfcs-atlanta.org.

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