A Volunteer Program That FITS Your Family

A Volunteer Program That FITS Your Family

If you are a community-minded parent looking for ways your children can “give back,” you might have noticed a scarcity of such activities, especially if they are under the age of 12. You also wouldn’t be alone in your quest. JF&CS has received a lot of inquiries from parents of youngsters over the past few years. And now, we have the answer.

FITS (Families Inspired to Serve) aims to get kids excited to give back to their community and inspire families to volunteer together while learning about how they can make a di erence.

“We have a unique opportunity to provide hands-on community service projects and education for families surrounding our services,” said Denise Deitchman, manager of volunteer development for JF&CS.

Since FITS began in February 2015, a variety of monthly programs has been developed to appeal to kids between 5 and 10 years old.

Nearly 90 kids and 80 adults have participated in the programs, which usually last one to two hours — a commitment level many busy families nd appealing. Activities range from sorting toiletries, school supplies and first-aid kit provisions to delivering Passover food to learning about JF&CS’ Kosher Food Pantry and more. Each has made a strong impact, said Jaime Wender, one of the volunteers who founded FITS.

“We’re touched by the positive feedback we get from parents as they share their passion for helping others — in fun, tangible, and meaningful ways — with their children,” she said. February 2016 will bring the year’s signature family event: Artscape, a day of hands-on activities based around the arts — visual, musical and dance — for children ages 18 months to 10 years. e event, which benefits JF&CS’ Counseling Services – Tools for Life, will include a zip line, acting class, art projects, music, sports and other activities for the kids. Parents will get to learn about the services JF&CS offers and the volunteer opportunities available.

Now in its fourth year, Artscape attracts about 150 families. But Sensation Therafun has room for a lot more. So mark your calendar for February 21, and spread the word! ytfl.org/artscape

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