An Inside Look at Tools for Leaders: Part 2

An Inside Look at Tools for Leaders: Part 2

I have lived in Dunwoody since 2005 and have driven by JF&CS around 3,500 times not knowing what it did until earlier this year, when I joined the Tools for Leaders Program. Boy am I glad I did. Not only have I met a tremendous group of individuals, but I have been able to learn about an organization that does so much for the local community. I can honestly say that the more I learn about JF&CS, the more excited I get to participate in this and other programs. JF&CS is the Gold Standard when it comes to nonprofit organizations that make an impact on thousands of individuals’ daily lives.

Our latest Tools for Leaders Session took place at the Ben Massell Dental Clinic. We started the event with an ice breaker learning what our fellow classmates would change in the community. The answers were either very specific to broad based and were all enlightening. The answers we heard ranged from more social events to get to know your neighbors to more volunteer opportunities to do good. The most enlightening part was that all our classmates had great ideas thatwere genuine and reinforced the pedigree of individuals in the program.

After our ice breaker, we took an amazing tour of the BMDC. The clinic has been in operation for 102 years and moved into a new building four and a half years ago. The building is Gold Leed certified and far exceeded everyone’s expectations in terms of layout, equipment, supplies, technology and comfort. The clinic provides the most advanced dental care available to its patients. it is the only resource for comprehensive, quality dental care available at no cost to Atlanta's neediest population. Some 150 volunteer dentists dedicate their time and expertise each month to people who otherwise would not have access to the services. The services they provide vary from basic care to extensive surgery. As its website proudly says - “We restore smiles and literally save lives.”

The equipment utilized in the clinic is best in class. Dental providers often donate or provide greatly reduced pricing for such equipment to ensure a comfortable experience for the dentists and their patients. The clinic also provides a showroom and training facility for the dental providers.

The BMDC provides approximately. $2.6 million worth of volunteer services annually. The clinic relies on volunteer dentists plus the generosity of individuals and foundation sponsors.

After our tour, one of the Tools for Leaders groups gave an excellent presentation on Counseling Services - Tools for Life. The group did an excellent job, and we learned quite a bit about the services JF&CS offers such as individual and group counseling, emergency assistance, Shalom Bayit (domestic violence), Cradle of Love adoption, infertility counseling, The Rainbow Center and substance abuse awareness. The group used movie clips followed by a narrative that really had an impact on me.

The group’s presentation was extremely insightful and was another reinforcement that JF&CS provides amazing programs to the Jewish and greater community.

After leaving the meeting, a few classmates and I had a wonderful conversation in the car ride back home expressing how impressed we were with the Ben Massell Clinic - just another amazing program led through JF&CS.

Can't wait to see what we learn at our next session!

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