Blog Series: Tools For Leaders - Session 3

Blog Series: Tools For Leaders - Session 3

“Why do people volunteer?” This was the opener for session 3 of Tools for Leaders. There was a common theme throughout everyone’s answers - “because we were raised in a family of volunteers and we want to carry on the tradition”, “the love of giving back”, “helping make the world a better place”. We volunteer because that’s what we do. It’s who we are – we do it without it thinking about it.

We then went on to the presentation by my classmates assigned to educate us on the Career Services – Tools for Employment and the International Services – Tools for New Americans divisions. They facilitated a very fun interactive game called “You’re Hired”. Through this game we learned how the Tools for Employment helps job seekers find employment and also how they help employers hire great candidates for their companies. Tools for Employment has placed over 400 people in jobs over the last year. That is just incredible!

After the game, we went on to learn about the Tools for New Americans. Our leaders pulled out a big map indicating the countries where the majority of the people come from who JF&CS helps to resettle. Countries included Eretria, Somalia, Bhutan and more.  They then asked us several questions related to all the services Tools for New Americans provides. Each person who answered was given a note card with the answer on it. We were then put in chronological order so we could see the entire reselttlement process. It was fascinating to learn about all that goes into resettling the clients of JF&CS.

Mission statements from several leaders were read, and then Deena Takata, a JF&CS career counselor, did a leadership activity with us. We did a mock DISC activity. DISC is a personal assessment tool that examines the behavior of individuals in their environment. This was a very eye-opening assessment that helps determine what style best describes each of us. It was fascinating to see where everyone fits in.

It is hard to believe we are already more than half-way through Tools for Leaders. The information I have learned about JF&CS has been inspirational and I look forward to seeing what comes next.

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