Volunteers of the Month

Thank you Caryn and Lauren 2017 Mitzvah Day Chairs!

Volunteers of the Month

Thank you so much to our VIA Mitzvah Day Chairs Caryn Murillo and Lauren Olens for a highly successful Mitzvah Day! This duo worked hard to set up projects and make sure that everything ran smoothly the day-of. Young Adults and Families participated in 7 Mitzvah Day Projects around Atlanta and made hope and opportunity happen for so many people!

Our Mitzvah Day Chairs wanted to share why they participate in Mitzvah Day:

Caryn -  I participate in mitzvah day because it's a great opportunity to give back to the Atlanta community. It's exciting to know that so many others are volunteering at the same time as me and that together, we're making a big difference for so many people.

Lauren -  I really enjoy getting to see everyone participate in all types of community service projects, because my friends may sign up for completely different ones than I would choose, yet we can learn about all of them at the end of the day. It's a fun day for all the young adults to come together, enjoy themselves, and more importantly, make a larger impact.

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