Health Power Initiative

A Unique Healthy Experience for Adults at High Risk

There’s a nationwide push to make better choices when it comes to diet, exercise and overall health. Most of us know the things we should be doing to stay healthy. Yet for many people, it isn’t easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is especially true for certain populations — usually those at low income levels. Members of this group are at a higher risk for poor health due to socioeconomic hardship, food insecurity, lack of education and limited access to health resources.

JF&CS’ Health Power Initiative (HPI) is an innovative best practices approach to promoting improved health and nutrition, and a better quality of life for high-risk and vulnerable populations. Funded by the United Way of Greater Atlanta, the HPI is both person-centered and multidisciplinary at its core, providing health education that gives clients and their caregivers the information and tools they need to improve their physical health and well-being.

A team-based approach

With a focus on promoting good health overall, the HPI team includes a registered dietitian, a holistic healthcare practitioner and support for caregivers. Each client receives an individualized health and nutrition assessment and then frequent follow-ups. They also have access to JF&CS’ food pantry. The program includes monthly educational workshops as well as healthy activities for people to do on their own. The program is open to adult clients across the agency, their families and their staff.