A Unique Healthy Experience for Adults at High Risk

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be the key to preventing or managing chronic health conditions, many of which plague our population today. Nutrition-related conditions are rampant in the United States.  A staggering 12.2% of the population has diabetes, 32% of adults have high blood pressure, and 34% of adults are obese. Low-income individuals, the elderly, and other high-risk populations are particularly vulnerable to these ailments.  Food insecurity, knowledge deficits, and limited access to healthcare compound the problem making it difficult to sustain healthy changes.

The Health Power Initiative seeks to improve health among high-risk populations by implementing innovative nutrition interventions through nutrition education, individualized nutrition counseling, cooking lessons, and access to our kosher food pantry. Using an outcome driven, best practices approach, we improve nutrition today in order to preserve the quality of life for our clients for years to come.  Preventing nutrition-related health problems can be the key to maintaining self-sufficiency throughout the lifespan.

The HPI team includes registered dietitians and a nutrition education specialist, who is also a registered dietitian.  Clients are able to receive individual nutrition services on a recurring basis in order to provide dietary interventions aimed at treating each person’s needs. Home visits are available to those with difficulty getting to our office.  Furthermore, the HPI is available to conduct nutrition workshops and cooking classes at any organization, including senior living communities, schools, senior centers, and more.