Expressive Therapy (Art Therapy and Yoga)

Expressive therapy is a vehicle for self-expression that integrates psychology and the creative process to nurture your whole self — mind, body and spirit alike. Our bodies contain emotions, which may not always be easy to access and express with words. The complementing expressive modalities of art therapy and yoga can help unleash such thoughts and feelings to increase self-understanding and awareness, and promote conscious positive change. The ultimate goal is freedom from whatever holds you back.

Who can benefit?

Everybody. Driven by intention, metaphor and imagination, both art therapy and yoga can help adults, adolescents and children work through physical, emotional and spiritual issues. No background in art or yoga is necessary. Just start where you are, and let your inner wisdom and creativity take you where you need to go.

What services are offered?

JF&CS offers art therapy and yoga in both individual and group settings for adults, adolescents and children. Both alone and together, these experiential modalities help empower you to face life’s challenges with clarity and confidence.

Workshops and camps are also offered. They are designed to be supportive, informed, practical, experiential and, of course, creative. Sample themes include: Learning to Relax, Going with the Flow, Physical & Emotional Balance, Self-Esteem, Self-Care and the Art of Flexibility.

Art Therapy offers a safe space to harness your creative awareness, promote self-growth and work through the obstacles in your life. An art therapist will assist you with developing a session unique to your needs, hopes and preferences. The directive can incorporate a wide range of creative activities including, but not limited to, drawing, painting, sculpting, journaling, writing, story-telling, cooking, dancing and/or listening to music. New discoveries are inevitable, and you have permission to stay quiet, think out loud, laugh, cry, scream or just play. The emphasis is on process, not product, and nobody interprets your art, because you are the authority of your own work.

All yoga is therapeutic. According to Yoga Alliance, benefits include stress relief, pain relief, better breathing, flexibility, weight management, improved circulation, cardiovascular conditioning, presence and inner peace. In addition to practicing postures, you practice gratitude, self-acceptance and humility. Centering exercises, mindful breathing and meditation help you focus, let go of negativity and connect to your intuitive self — skills that are helpful both on and off your yoga mat.

Art Therapy + Yoga sessions are personalized. The theme we set together in yoga ties into the therapeutic goal we set together in art therapy to address your physical, emotional and spiritual challenges with loving compassion. Yoga facilitates a deeper connection to your intuitive self, so you can flow more easily into life and the art therapy activity to follow. The art therapy gives form to the yoga experience, helping you process deep emotions and discoveries, and increase self-awareness. These complementing modalities can help with depression, grief, bereavement, anxiety, stress, trauma, addictions, relationship issues, work-life balance, life transitions and personal fulfillment, among other things.