Individual, Couples & Group Counseling

We value the uniqueness of each individual. As professionals we work to identify each person’s strengths so they can be employed for the benefit of both the individual and the community. We value the perspective of the person in every situation, recognizing the individual’s relationship to family and community, with appreciation for ethnic, religious and cultural influences. Our counselors aim to support personal growth and development, and to help families and individuals cope as well as deal with more serious mental health concerns. We are committed to a “best practices” model.

The acronym COPES summarizes our range of services:

  • C: A full scope of Counseling services provided by skilled, licensed professionals
  • O: Outreach services offered in the community, including customized programs for community groups and businesses.
  • PPrevention to help minimize problems.
  • E: Education and training to individuals, families and the community.
  • S: Support groups to enable people to grow and heal by sharing common concerns.

How it Works

Counseling services may be short-term, to assist with an immediate crisis, or long-term, to help an individual or family deal with issues of personal growth and development, life cycle challenges, grief and loss.

Treatment/therapy may be targeted toward individuals, couples, families or groups. Clients participate in the treatment plan and are actively involved in partnership with their therapist to set and meet goals.

Clients also have access to consulting psychiatrists for psychiatric assessment and medication management. Clinical social workers offer treatment in a variety of areas, including but not limited to family relationships, grief and loss, relocation adjustment, depression, coping with an illness or disability, or difficulties with daily living.

Services are available to people of all faiths and all ages, with confidentiality and affordable rates.

Population Served

The program serves a broad age range, from young children to older persons, and a broad socio-economic spectrum. Clients may be seen individually, conjointly, as a family or as part of a group. Presenting problems include mood disorders, family dysfunction, marital problems, and stress and anxiety related to work or family problems, economic instability or drug and alcohol problems. We welcome LGBTQ clients and families.

The program accepts most insurance plans, and clinicians are on many of the managed care panels. Services are available on a sliding fee scale for those in need.

The agency provides excellent outpatient counseling services to promote individual and family functioning, and assists those with difficulties related to mental illness. Persons who require a higher level of care due to imminent risk of suicidal or homicidal behavior or health risk, are referred to more appropriate settings.

When to Seek Counseling

Fees are based upon a sliding scale and determined prior to services being rendered. In many cases your medical insurance will pay for counseling, and you pay a co-pay.

A wide variety of issues can motivate someone to contact us for counseling. It might be a general feeling of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. Or perhaps the individual is experiencing changes in sleep patterns; irritability; feelings of helplessness, hopelessness or lack of self-worth; or other worrisome symptoms. Sometimes a life cycle change – a marriage, a divorce, the birth of a child, an empty nest, the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, a new job or a major move – can precipitate the need for professional help. Problems with drugs or alcohol, eating disorders and other addictive or compulsive behaviors can also lead to the need for professional help, as can difficulties in marital and parent/child relationships. Sometimes an individual will seek professional help not out of duress but to reach for new goals and expand life’s possibilities.

All it takes is a single phone call to speak with a JF&CS professional who will set an appointment with one of our licensed and experienced counselors. Together, client and clinician will map out a plan for treatment and measure progress toward attaining goals.

Depending on your concerns, treatment may be individual, with another family member, as a family or in a group.  Other methods may be helpful as well, including art therapy or psychiatric evaluation.

Confidentiality is strictly adhered to and nothing about you or your treatment will be provided to anyone without your written permission.