Want to be a Big PAL?

PALBeing a Big PAL is about offering a little of yourself to a child: a little time, a little laughter, a little thoughtfulness and a little care. As a Big PAL, you become a role model and more by empowering a child through a strong and unconditional friendship. While engaging in a wide range of activities, you can help a child develop confidence, self-esteem and a Jewish identity.

Take your Little PAL to a Braves game. Play at the park. You decide. It’s that easy! The best part is that you are building a strong relationship that will endure for years to come — and creating special moments — just by having fun.

PAL-2013PAL provides an opportunity to step outside your normal routine. By becoming a Big PAL, you will enrich the life of a child and bring further meaning into your own. The PAL program is always looking for qualified volunteers. If you or anyone you know is interested in being a Big PAL, please contact us.

I'm Interested!

If there’s someone thinking of the PAL program I hope that they reach out to JF&CS. It’s incredibly rewarding, an amazing experience that changed my life. It even made me appreciate my children and life much more. — Joel Libowsky, Big PAL