Older Adult Counseling

Life happens! It affects us and our ability to cope. We offer both the older adult and the adult caregiver a sanctuary from the fear, stress, depression and anxiety. We offer you the ability to vent and to get advice in a safe place with safe people.

There are many reasons someone might want counseling:

  • Grief - a recent loss of a spouse or loved one.
  • Depression - could be chronic or could be a recent diagnosis.
  • Chronic Pain - the inability to manage consistent discomfort.
  • Feelings of being overwhelmed - with your spouse's illness, with your own illness, with your being split in three parts and having to deal with all of them.

Who We Are

We are licensed clinical social workers who have worked for years counseling adults who need help. We continue our education monthly to gain exposure to new methods of helping you and to increase our own knowledge.

What Makes Us Different

We make it comfortable for you. If you can't get to our office, we will come to your home.

Payment Options

If you are over 65, we are able to bill Medicare and any supplemental services. If you are under 65, we are on many insurance panels that will allow us to bill your insurance company and just collect co-pays from you.