Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities

A Naturally Occurring Retirement Community, or NORC, is a neighborhood in which a larger than average population of older adults lives. Being designated a NORC means giving these residents the opportunity to “age in place” – that is, to live in their homes as they get older. We have found that older adults prefer to be in their own homes and the neighborhoods with which they are familiar and where they have been actively engaged, rather than senior retirement residences. NORC provide services that are consumer driven, cost-effective and the result of collaborations with community partners to address unmet needs and ensure services are not duplicated.  As Atlanta’s older adult population grows over the coming years – and is expected to double by mid-decade – NORCs will become even more important.


How Do NORCs Help Our Older Community?

The biggest benefit, obviously, is the assistance they provide that enhances the older adult’s ability to stay at home as long as possible. But NORCS also provide social opportunities as well as the chance to participate in health, education, art, fitness and other programs. In addition, as funding permits, residents receive vouchers and cost reductions for such basic needs as transportation, eyeglasses and hearing aids.

The Toco Hills NORC

The Toco Hills NORC offers a wide array of services that adults 60+ can access:

  • Health and Wellness Programs
  • Home Repairs and Modifications
  • Information and Referral Services
  • In-home evaluations
  • Social programs and outings
  • Volunteer and Senior-led activities
  • Please visit

The Toco Hills NORC office is located at 1340 McConnell Drive, Decatur GA (Next door to the central DeKalb Senior Center).

The Toco Hills NORC program is designed to help keep older adults safe in their homes and more fully engaged with one another and with their community. Our programs and services provide older adults with access to home safety improvements and enrichment opportunities that provide a sense of empowerment and remove barriers to participation such as transportation, affordability, and lack of knowledge. In addition, the NORC helps increase the local community’s capacity to help support older adults who wish to age in place. 

Our NORC program provides a broad range of services that match the varied needs and interests of the older adults who live in the Toco Hills community and surrounding areas in DeKalb County. Member benefits include but are not limited to transportation vouchers, social activities such as group trips, coordinated lunch outings, and senior-led programs such as book club discussions and classes, as well as support groups, health and wellness programming, nutrition counseling and education, education on community resources, SNAP enrollment information and referral services, home safety assessments, home repairs/modifications, and subsidies for medical expenses including vision, dental and hearing expenses.